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Rare Moment

One of those rare moments that Stan takes to recharge his battery
World Championships 2009

World Stage

Even at home the work continues - Stan building the new stage for Top Desk at the World Championships 2009

World Stage

The Television Arena at the World Championships that Stan helps to build


The Fun Bits

What the hell

This is not a pool table, now what the heck did Yvonne say I had to click on!!

This is not a pool table

Now how do I get the slate up on those legs - Stan relaxing, building the Summer House

The Old Swinger

I wonder if this will take the weight of the lights -
The Old Swinger

New Bedroom

The new Summer House
but Yvonne says it will be my new bedroom if I spend anymore time away from home

Stan n Sue

Even at the Worlds there is time for a lark about.
The Terrible Twins - Stan and Sue

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