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Welcome to Stan's website.

Most people who visit this site will already know Stan Grant (aka Stan the Man) from his tireless work at all the major competitions organised by the English Pool Association (EPA), United Kingdom Pool Tour (UKPT), European Eightball Pool Federation (EEPF) and World Eightball Pool Federation (WEPF), not forgetting the smaller events such as Region 6 Minehead Pool Event, Lincolnshire Pool Event (Skegness), Universities Pool Council Pool Tournaments and Pontins National Finals. In fact, there are not a lot of places that Stan doesn't go to in order to "sort" the tables.

What most people don't realise is that he also runs a successful business selling both new and used pool tables as well as re-covering and maintaining them.

By trade he was a motor mechanic - Like most players he started local league playing in his home town, Telford, sometime in the mid 70's (his memory is not like it used to be) progressing to become a County player in the late 70's. When the Shropshire County venue burnt down an alternative was found at Donnington Working Mens Club - Stan would assemble/disassemble the tables 3 times a week in order to accomodate the Club's concert room functions.

Stan accompanied his wife, Anne, to Great Yarmouth for the Ladies Qualifiers and was asked to fill in for the table engineer who, for a reason now forgotten, could not attend. In the late 80's he became involved with the IPA and in 1993 the World Championships. He and Anne travelled long distances and worked very long hours, sometimes upto 56 hours without sleep, in order to make sure the venues were ready for competition play. To date Stan has only ever missed one competition after breaking his foot falling off the scaffolding during the setup for an IPA Tournament in Blackpool

Sadly Anne passed away in February 2005 - a devastated Stan still managed to attend the European Championships later that month - living according to Anne's motto of "Life must go on".

Some 12 months after losing Anne, Stan decided to move up country to West Yorkshire after forming a relationship with Yvonne. Originally he considered starting a business as a mobile mechanic, but pool commitments were taking up most of his time. After some discussion, he decided that pool had to come first so "Turn The Tables" was born, primarily aimed at supply and renovation of pool tables and, to this day, he has never looked back.

Throughout the years Stan has touched the life of hundreds of people both home and abroad, even though they may not be aware of his presence. It is thanks to him that the stages are set for play at the competitions held by EPA, EEPF, WEPF and all the other tournament organisers previously mentioned.

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